LG Watch phone makes a nice appearance on CES 2009 catwalk

In case you need a refresh - that's the LG GD910 - the 3G wrist watch phone that allows for voice commands and video calls. We've come across a nice demo video that we though you would like to see. The demonstration includes the two basic functions - calling and messaging. Both of them are very easy to use via the bundled Bluetooth earphone.
Last year we presented you the upcoming and innovative wrist watch mobile phone - LG GD910. A working prototype was first displayed during CES 2009 and we managed to snatch the full specs. The GD910 has got a 1.4-inch TFT touchscreen display, 3G/HSDPA with video calls support, Bluetooth connectivity and a nice looking Flash-based user interface.

Making phone calls is very easy thanks to the bundled Bluetooth earphone. There's a workaround for texting too - LG GD910 has text-to-speech capabilities for your convenience.
As with most wrist watches, the LG GD910 is water resistant. The battery recharging is realized through a cradle stand.


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