LG Chocolate 3 launches, world’s attention elsewhere

LG have launched the brand new LG Chocolate 3, which, as its name suggests, is the third generation of LG's phenomenally successful range of designer phones. Unlike its predecessors, though, the LG Chocolate 3 is a clamshell phone rather than a candybar, and, well, isn't actually that good looking! It's not that it's ugly - it's just nothing special. Equally, its feature set is a bit middle of the range. You get the usual: MP3 player, measly 2 megapixel camera, 2.2" LCD screen, etc.
You even get aGPS thrown in for location-based services. But none of these features is particularly inspiring. This in itself wouldn't be a problem, as designer phones tend not to come with high spec features, but given that it doesn't exactly look all that great either, the LG Chocolate 3 is in danger of becoming just another mid-range mobile phone. In other words, a bit anonymous.
More details and pictures of the LG Chocolate 3 after the jump.

This is a shame, as the Chocolate was one of the phones that enabled LG to differentiate itself from its competitors. Indeed, such was its success as a designer phone that it usurped the Motorola RAZR as the most successful designer phone on the market, and provided the foundations for LG to continue its success with its LG Shine range. But now, it seems, the LG Chocolate 3 is just a good-if-average mid-range phone. From Belgian Truffle to bog standard milk chocolate in three generations, you could say

Maybe that's why LG chose to release the LG Chocolate 3 on the same day that the new Apple iPhone 3G was launched


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