Sony Ericsson G502 and Z780 with HSDPA and aGPS

Sony Ericsson have launched two new phones, and for once, they're not CyberShot or Walkman phones! The Sony Ericsson G502 (above) and Z780 are low to mid-range phones that are similar to the Nokia 5320 and 5220 in that they bring super-fast HSDPA connectivity down to an affordable level. Although both phones are different in appearance, they're very similar underneath, offering 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, HSDPA and Google maps already installed.
The Z780 is the slightly more advanced model, though, in that it comes with aGPS, letting you navigate easily across Google Maps (either road view or satellite view). It also comes with a weather application that takes advantage of the high speed Internet connectivity and built-in GPS to tell you what the weather will be like in your area for the next three days.
Neither model will set the world on fire, but in terms of good quality phones with a good range of quality features, all for an affordable price, they'll be hard to beat. With the addition of HSDPA, they're also another indication of how the mobile Web is steadily coming of age.
More details and pictures of the Sony Ericsson G502 and Z780 after the jump.
Sony Ericsson Z780 and G502


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